Vision, Mission & Corporate Values


We strive to be a model of best practice in the creation and implementation of innovative engineering, construction and integrated support services solutions in developing economies.

SAWA recognises that to achieve our vision, to produce work of high quality, to maintain our reputation for innovation and creativity and to understand and delight our clients we need to fully embrace the skills, talents and knowledge that only a diverse workforce can deliver.


The power to influence the future of the built environment carries with it a weighty responsibility. At SAWA we have a mission to transform lives by transforming the built environment.

Many of SAWA’s projects leave a legacy to subsequent generations: a legacy that outlasts any one individual. With continuous projects going on at any one time, SAWA is doing the best possible job for current and future generations. Putting sustainability at the heart of its work is one of the ways in which we exert a positive influence on the wider world. Put simply, SAWA’S team is driven to find a better way.

SAWA influences many people’s lives through its projects. Shaping a sustainable future – particularly through the urban environment – will be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Nonetheless, we are rising to the challenge: investing in research, innovating and creating better solutions for its clients and the wider world.

Corporate Values


Sawa Group believes in maintaining open, transparent relations with project partners and stakeholders (including our employees, suppliers and the communities that are affected by construction activity).

Regular communication and an “open-book” accounting policy underline the group’s commitment to achieving best value for clients and the fairest possible deal for everyone.


Contributing to the success of projects that make a real difference to the lives of others can be as humbling as it is rewarding, and Sawa Group has never lost sight of its social focus.

We are passionate about everything we do and very conscious about our responsibilities to project partners and financing institutions.


“Walking the Walk”
At Sawa Group we believe engineering excellence needs no introduction.

Visit our Projects History page for examples of innovative solutions we have developed in response to design, construction and demand-driven challenges.


With a presence in an increasing number of countries in Africa, you can be sure Sawa Group will be there to offer post-handover project support – including maintenance engineering and facilities management services.

The group is one of few regional players capable of entering into public-private partnerships utilising the design-build-operate (DBO) model.


Operating in sub-Saharan Africa often creates unique technical, logistical and operational challenges.

With in-house design, engineering and consulting capabilities, Sawa Group is well placed to respond quickly to unanticipated developments, and is always able to engineer alternative solutions (often modelled on technologies that are already in operation locally), that will meet the requirements of national and international specifiers.