Civil Works

Civil Works

SAWA offers a range of civil work services that are suitable for many applications. We are undertaking increasingly large scale complex contracts.
Civil works can undertake a wide range of reinforced concrete works. These range from basements, slabs, rafts, ring beams and retaining walls. The works include groundworks, steel fixing and concrete pouring. The services we offer can also include pumping of concrete over long distances using state-of-the-art concrete pumping solutions such as the Putzmeister truck-mounted boom pump.

SAWA offers many services under the Civil Works range such as:

  • Drill wells for groundwater extraction.
  • Drilling geothermal boreholes for ground source heat pumps (GSHP).
  • Piled building foundations.
  • Reinforced concrete and complex concrete pours.
  • Contiguous walls and retaining wall.
  • Groundwork

SAWA delivers high quality, cost effective, sustainable and innovative solutions on time in a safe and efficient manner. We have a proven history of tackling technically challenging projects and we routinely work on infrastructure projects and on sites. SAWA delivers piling works concurrently with the enabling works thereby offering clients significant programme savings as well as reducing project management costs.

SAWA is able to utilise a suite of complementary services depending on the project and client requirements, whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, sustainability and environmental management to minimise waste to landfill through re-use, recycle and other recovery methods wherever possible.

At SAWA, we pride ourselves on our experienced and multi-disciplined people, and on our commitment to providing high quality solutions, which are delivered safely and to the set time and budget. We have an efficient and skilled workforce that works extremely hard to deliver stand-alone solutions as well as fully integrated services. This helps to foster long lasting partnerships, and allows you to gain the best value from a combined safety, cost and programme delivery perspective.