Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

SAWA is committed to conserving natural resources and has introduced initiatives to promote environmental stewardship, reduce waste, and minimise energy use and carbon emissions in construction and transportation processes.

The team has implemented policies to extend this requirement to all subcontractors, delivery partners and suppliers, and is committed to achieving certification of its Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to ISO 14001:2004.

SAWA’s specialists offer a multidisciplinary service aimed at developing policy, assessing impact, creative design and implementation, gaining regulatory approvals, reporting publicly, managing risk and controlling costs.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of SAWA and we strive to enable our clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations.

SAWA has international capability in lifecycle-based carbon and resource modelling and producing ecological footprint analyses. SAWA’s ecologists work on all types and scales of projects, minimising risks to programmes and costs, and improving the value of completed schemes.

To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated at the earliest stage of policies and programmes, SAWA draws on a wide range of technical skills to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment. Also, SAWA is experienced in all areas of environmental noise and vibration assessment and control thus we design noise mitigation to protect the community.

A wealth of technical expertise at SAWA enables clients to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, projects and operations. Additionally, the work of SAWA’s water specialists ranges from strategy and policy development to the detailed design of facilities, river engineering, flood risk management and water resources planning.