Health & Safety

SAWA is committed to the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace and extends this requirement to all subcontractors, delivery partners and suppliers.

The management of risk is central to our objective of ensuring all sites and locations we operate from do not present any risk of harm to employees or visitors.

The team’s health and safety management system focuses on four elements to achieve continuous improvement:

Workforce engagement – All employees and retained contractors are required to undergo an induction programme that introduces them to the company’s health and safety policies. At SAWA, we also implement programmes for the prevention of injury and ill health and continued improvement in the management and performance of our health and safety systems.

Managerial responsibility – At SAWA we take great responsibility for the safety of individual employees and contractors. Therefore it is vested in our immediate line-managers who are responsible for communicating and enforcing company policies relating to the adoption of safe working practices.

Training – enterprise-wide training is provided to ensure working practices are safe and in accordance with recognised international standards. At SAWA, we provide health and safety training, specialist advice, information, instruction and supervision as may be necessary to personnel at all levels. In order to maintain this, we develop and record health and safety competencies for key staff.

Inspection – regular site and location visits are undertaken by independent assessors and members of the team’s senior management team to ensure good health and safety practices continue to be observed.