Support Services

Support Services

Sawa Group’s support services division provides post-handover project support and manages the group’s design, build and operate (DBO) asset portfolio.


The division offers total facilities management (TFM), maintenance engineering and road, railway and airport maintenance services.

Our outsourcing solutions can often result in significant savings on existing operating costs.


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Engineering Consultancy


Engineering is at the core of what we do and a full range of consulting, advisory and modelling services ensures our partners maximise operational and investment opportunities.


Sawa Group’s engineering services division also delivers project feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments.

Technical & Financial Feasibility

Total Supply Chaining

Our specialists undertake technical and financial feasibility studies that can be used to access finance from regional and international funding institutions.
Site surveys (screening) will typically determine the suitability of a proposed site by reference to the following parameters:

  • General layout of terrain
  • Soil topography
  • Climate
  • Accessibility

Operating in sub-Saharan Africa can be challenging, and Sawa Group adapts international best practice in the management of project-related sourcing, procurement and logistics to local requirements.

We call our unique approach Total Supply Chaining.